James is a highly qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist with nearly a decade of experience managing some of London’s most exclusive gyms, training celebrities, athletes, CEO’s and also facilitating the educational development of 100’s of PT’s across the UK.

He is a movement & performance specialist, functional training expert and also a course director with industry leading training provider Faster Global. His approach to goal attainment is revolutionary in today’s industry, and this holistic approach circulates around a fusion of efficient training, ‘no nonsense’ nutrition, a positive mindset and the belief in the journey to succeed – those who do not share this belief need not apply! Oh, and he is also a keen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast in his spare time, so any lack of commitment is at your own risk!

James’s clients come from all over Central & West London to work with him.

With James Crew Fitness, you can expect unrivalled levels of service in health, fitness and overall wellbeing!