‘Where are the healthiest places to grab my lunch from if I don’t have time to make it at home?’

If I had a pound for every time I get asked this question……..well I’d probably be paying somebody to write my blogs for me now that’s for sure!

In all seriousness though, I get asked this question very frequently, one time in fact was only a few weeks ago by a lovely client of mine who thought I should write a blog about it – so here goes!

This blog will be slightly different in the sense that I will be providing you with a few articles I have plucked from the net, regarding the subject matter in hand. My job in this post will then be to give you my overall thoughts on eating out for lunch and whether or not it is helpful to your long term health & fitness goals.

So the first thing I should say is that if you are currently buying your lunch EVERY day, then STOP right now! I say this for two reasons:

1 – You are spending way TOO much money that could be FAR better invested on other things that will improve your health & fitness.

2 – You will NOT achieve your health & fitness goals if you are not in control of your lunchtime meals at least a few times per week.

I have to say that the first point still baffles me to this day? I don’t care how well off you are, how busy your life is or how much you enjoy a Pret wrap for lunch, to NEVER invest the time in making your lunch has absolutely zero benefit on your life! I have trained, consulted and spoken in front of thousands of people during my time in this industry, so have heard EVERY excuse for someone saying they cannot make their own food for lunch, and to this day…….none of them are valid 100% of the time!

My contact with so many people from different walks of life, during my near decade in the industry also means that I have built a huge amount of understanding as to how hectic and challenging certain individuals lives are, so I am definitely not saying that making food every day is easy and everyone can do it all the time. I am saying however, that planning in advance and investing the time to look after your body at least a few days a week is far better for you than choosing any of the ‘healthiest high street lunch options’ – but it does take commitment and can be hard work!

The second point is a pretty simple one and whist many will still seek to debate it with me, I know that getting fit & healthy is hard, hard graft and cannot be done without taking some ownership and control of what you consume on a daily basis.

Without labouring my points too heavily though, I’ll now attach the link to 5 separate articles I have found that provide an OPINION on both the healthiest and unhealthiest lunch options you currently have available to you on the high street. It is also worth stating at this point that I am not aware if any of these articles are backed by any scientific research around numbers, hence why I have stated that from my perspective, they are only opinion-based articles. As a general rule of thumb, I’d always advise you do your own research as to what you’re putting in your body before you believe anything you are told by a media publication.






There’s a fair volume of choice here I’d say, which is one of the main reasons that I am so insistent on clients being in control of their nutrition where possible. The long and short of these articles, whether or not you choose to believe it, is that any of these choices will always be second best to preparing your own food. Is it more convenient to go out and buy lunch? Arguably. Is it easier? Definitely. Is it cheaper? Depends on where you’re buying, but probably not in the long run. Is it healthier? Definitely not!

There is no substitute for preparing your own meals, cooking your own ingredients and being in control of your overall nutrition, it just takes those three things that we seem to hugely struggle with nowadays: time, commitment and consistency.

I’ll be writing another blog very soon on how you can simplify the process of preparing your own nutritious food, as it is a hotly discussed topic in the world of health and fitness currently, so I hope you’ll all gain some massive value from that article when it arrives.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about your health, fitness, nutrition or lifestyle goals then please feel free to drop me a line as I am always happy to help. I have also attached the link to a JCF application form, should you wish to have a direct conversation with me about being a future client of JCF. If this is something you are interested in then click the link below NOW.


Have a great week everyone!



P.S. Here is one of my recent healthy lunches that I made within 10 minutes – surely that isn’t too much of a time investment when it comes to looking after your body?!

healthiest lunch

Written by: James Crew

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