Group Fitness = Primal Instincts!

Join a community, find a target, hunt in packs and be animalistic in your attack with #thejcfmovement group fitness system!’

To reach your fitness targets you need to feel great about what you’re doing to positively benefit your life, and sometimes extra support is needed. With our group fitness plans you’ll feel the support not only of James Crew Fitness, but of your friends as well.

The encouragement of others will help you to make the commitment to reach those goals as a team, and your encouragement will give the rest of the crew the support they need. Efficient and powerful movement is the blueprint to peak performance – including weight loss, flawless body condition, strength and stamina. Now you can achieve all of this in a group setting, increasing the buzz when you’re in full flow, and helping you to motivate each other when training seems like hard work.
You’ll benefit from exactly the same expert advice and excellent holistic approach to fitness as you would with an individual training plan, which includes personalised support, skilled training, attainable nutrition tips and all the support you need to maintain your positivity throughout your exciting fitness journey.

Not everyone has enough self-motivation to keep up with an intense but rewarding individual training program like the ones we offer, and that’s really OK! But we also know how often people regret giving up on something this great, which is we offer our fantastic group fitness training as the ideal solution. Not only that, but you get your first group session absolutely FREE!

Get your group together and you’re ready to unlock your primal instincts!

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