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So I thought I had to cover this topic today, as it seems at present that ‘The Body Coach’ aka Joe Wicks is absolutely everywhere! For those of you that haven’t currently heard of him, firstly where have you been?! In all seriousness though, Joe Wicks is a Personal Trainer who used to run bootcamps in Surbiton and Richmond, before gaining a huge amount of notoriety over the last 18 months via his social media presence (Instagram especially where he has over 700,000 followers) and the success of his online 90-day SSS (Shape, shift and sustain) plan that has sold over 90,000 copies worldwide – it retails for £147, so you do the maths!

He has also just released an Amazon best-selling book which covers his famous #LeanIn15 recipes, taken primarily from the Instagram videos that gave him his social media fame. He has also appeared on numerous TV programmes, including Good Morning Britain, This Morning and Sunday Brunch – so I think it is fair to say in this day and age that he now qualifies as a bonafide celebrity!

The purpose of this blog is neither to laud nor lambast Joe Wicks for what he is currently doing in our industry, as I’ll let you make up your own minds about him and his methodology when you read the article I will attach to the end of this blog. No, this post is purely to demonstrate the impact a certain person can have in changing the belief system of so many, and how you can very simply apply this rule to your own health & wellbeing journey. Just for the record though, I am a huge fan of somebody who is actively seeking to support the masses in improving their overall health & wellbeing, and as long as the approach to this cause is not detrimental to the goal you are actually trying to achieve, then I am all for mainstream media exposure for the fitness industry!

My current observations on The Body Coach however, are that his methodology and tools for getting people of the world fit & healthy, are incredibly simplistic! This isn’t a bad thing by the way, as I feel the people he is targeting are not the minority already invested in their health & wellbeing, but the majority of the population who know they need to change their lifestyle, and are maybe a little unsure and apprehensive about how to do it. For this demographic, it is fair to say that Joe Wicks is an absolute trailblazer!

So we know that The Body Coach is blazing a trail for the masses, getting them #LeanIn15, whilst really creating a wave of newfound fitness enthusiasts…..but what about everyone else who already has a keen interest in their own health & wellbeing? This is where I believe we can actually take some real lessons, as well as gaining some great value.

We know by now that the key premise of The Body Coach and his overall method is to help people maximise their health & fitness, by giving them quick and easy ‘healthy’ meal options, as well as simple, HIIT-based training which gets the fitness job done in super quick time. We also know that this process doesn’t necessarily resonate with everybody, but the one key takeout that should hopefully resonate with you is that anything can be achieved if you set a measurable goal and realistic plan to it.

Does Joe Wicks work with elite athletes? No. Does he work with the super-fit? No. Does he ensure that the people he works with have a crystal clear process for analysing their current state of health, taking accountability for the improvement of it and also being able to measure the progress? Hell bloody yes he does! This is what should resonate with every single person who is currently undertaking any form of physical exercise programme. The Body Coach may not be for the elite athlete or the super-fit Ironman, but the principles of analysing current health levels, measuring progress and holding yourself accountable are in my opinion, why the man has been so successful.

You cannot go 1 day without seeing numerous ‘progress pics’ of The 90 Day SSS graduates all over Instagram, and this itself breeds a desire for most to succeed. A tribal community where everybody is like-minded, supports and encourages each other as well as sharing best practice is another avenue that has helped The Body Coach become the go-to guy in the fitness industry at present.

My key point for this blog is very simple – whether or not you are a fan of The Body Coach and everything that is attached to it, you can sure as hell benefit from being as clear and measurable in your approach to your own health & wellbeing, as Joe Wicks is with the 400+ per day people who are now signing up for the 90 Day SSS Plan.

As stated earlier, I will leave you with a link below to a recent piece the Daily Mail wrote about Joe Wicks and the success of The Body Coach, and I’d love to hear your thoughts about his influence on the health & fitness industry.

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