‘I don’t have time in my day to exercise’……..I’ve heard this once or twice before!

So if you hadn’t already noticed, I actually didn’t manage to put a blog out last week (I’m sure you all missed me immensely!)

I’ve been incredibly busy juggling quite a few projects recently, with little sign that this intensity in my diary is going to slow down any time soon, and this got me thinking about training. I’ve needed to be pretty meticulous with how I plan my training around my current schedule, otherwise I could have quite easily missed frequent session – and I’m a Personal Trainer who is always thinking about and actually enjoys exercising regularly! So how does it feel for everyone else when they go through busy times?

I don’t however, enjoy sitting down for long periods of time, exactly what I need to do when I am writing my weekly newsletter or this blog. I absolutely love writing and educating people on an industry I’m hugely passionate about, but I’d ideally like to be able to write as I’m moving around at 100mph – a skill I haven’t quite mastered yet! The whole point of my rambling is that when we get really busy (which most people are all the time nowadays) we tend to push back the things we enjoy doing the least – which is sitting still for me.

Now all of my clients would undoubtedly attest to the fact that I want to install a desire in them to see, feel and taste the benefits of exercise and embrace keeping fit as part of their daily lifestyle. I don’t think it would be too drastic to say however, that a large bulk of the population still don’t enjoy exercise to an extent where they would want to do it daily, whether busy or not. Combine this thought process with the rigours of daily life and it’s not difficult to see why global obesity / diabetes / mental health illness rates are all growing in today’s world. The health benefits of exercise are undeniable, transcending just the physical plus points so many seem to aspire to these days. So it does beg the question – why don’t you MAKE the time to exercise?

I ask that question a lot in response to people that tell me they don’t have the time to exercise, and the facts are pretty simple:

We all have the same 24 hours in the day.

We all have our individual stresses and life challenges.

We all have access to exercise of some kind.

Only some of us have the DESIRE to do it.

I try to avoid at all costs, the discussion with clients around how they fit exercise in to their day, unless I have a firm belief that whatever I tell them will be EXECUTED. If not, then effectively I am wasting my time and energy trying to find solutions to problems that people don’t want to disappear. It may seem harsh, but I believe that whoever I work with, whatever their age, gender, occupation or personal life status, if they WANT to exercise, they’ll find a way and make it a priority.

Is getting up at 5.30am every morning to go for a 30 minute jog before work easy? Nope. Is heading to the gym at 7.30pm after a day full of meetings, stress at work and eating too much convenience food easy? Nope. Is breaking away from that third hour of extra work you told yourself you wouldn’t do this week, even though you need to get it done easy? Nope. The point is that finding the time to exercise is rarely easy unless you have the circumstances in life that dictates you can pick & choose your gym schedule. The fact still remains though that the people who value their health and wellness ALWAYS FIND A WAY.

I’ve done a lot of work over the last 18 months on really identifying the underlying psychological principles attached with health & wellness, and all that keeps coming back to me is this – those who want it, work for it! Pure and simple, no BS excuses, if you value your health & wellness, you will do whatever it takes to make sure you prioritise that small portion of your day where you can shut off mentally, and just allow your beautiful machine of a body to take over and improve itself!

That being said, having the mindset of someone who really wants to look after themselves is rarely enough and you need a plan of action to help you implement and execute on your desire to stay fit & healthy forever, and that’s where I come in. I’ve created a list below of my 5 KEY STEPS TO ACTION when wanting to get on the path to success for health & wellness:

Create a role – I have a different role for every aspect for my life, whether that’s a fiance, son, trainer, educator, influencer or ATHLETE. Yep that’s right, I have the role of athlete in my life, and athletes train……every damn day until then become great – spectators don’t.


Create non-negotiable tasks – Once you have your roles, you need to associate non-negotiable tasks to them so that the role becomes a reality. I am an educator as well as an athlete, so I train every day and I also study every day.

time 2

Get your ‘My Working Day’ sorted – My roles in life along with my non-negotiable tasks build the framework for how I conduct my days and give me my daily action plan. I currently have 4 hours worth of non-negotiable tasks that I want to complete every day, before I’ve even trained a client! This should help to show you, what you do and don’t have time for in your day in order to be successful.

time 3

Cut out the irrelevant – Analyse everything you currently do in your day and if it doesn’t make you better at any of your chosen roles, GET RID OF IT! This tends to show people that they have more time than they think when they don’t waste it trawling through social media or engaging in dead-end meetings they didn’t really need to make.

time 4

Visualise the end result, not the immediate obstacle – So many people I see get stressed if they cannot train on a certain day and that then affects them for the whole week. Others always have immediate barriers to exercise, but still want the end result. Neither work in the long run, so start picturing what it is you REALLY want at the end of the rainbow and don’t let one missed workout or a tired excuse stop you. The phrase ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ is great for realising that greatness takes time, but I’m also reading a book at present which has the following quote, ‘The risk of inaction is stagnation, where as the reward for action is traction!’

time 5

I hope these points will help you really analyse whether health & fitness is important to you, and as always I am here if you need any further support.

I’ll leave you with two quotes which resonate with me greatly, especially considering the sources they come from:

‘Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices his money in order to recuperate his health. The he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.’Dalai Lama

‘It is health that is real wealth & not pieces of gold and silver.‘ – Mahatma Gandhi

Have a great week everyone!



Written by: James Crew

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